Corsair Management Services personnel are Exemplar accredited auditors in the fields of Quality, Safety and Environmental. Services offered are compliance / systems audits which cover:

  • Occupational Health and safety - ISO 45001
  • Quality - ISO 9001
  • Environment – ISO 14001
  • Internal auditing services
  • Pre 3rd party certification audits
Systems Manager

System Manager

A Corsair Management Consultant can take on the role of System Manager for you on a part-time basis. This will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Access to high calibre management system expertise.
  • Continuity of system management.
  • Improved profitability through more effective system management.
  • Reduced system management costs.
  • Long term stability.
  • Peace of mind.
Contract HS copy

Contract HSE Personnel

Corsair Management Services can supply contract HSE personnel on short and long term contracts for the mining, oil and gas, and construction industry. All staff have relevant qualifications.

Contractor Management

Contractor Management

One of the most common pitfalls of companies is how they interact with their contractors. Corsair Management Services utilises WHS Online system to choose the right contractor for the job, monitor and progress with your contractors so your business can grow.

Tender & Contract Consulting

Tender & Contract Consulting

We understand that preparing tender documentation can be time consuming and daunting. Corsair Management Services can orchestrate all of the required necessary paperwork to ensure you comply with any submission.

Induction Programs

Induction Programs

Derivation and delivery of induction programs specifically for your business. Face to face delivery or online, incorporating assessment modules and issuance of completion certificate

Intergrated Systems

Integrated Systems

Integrated systems enable seamless transition and managment of Quality, Safety and Environmental aspects of your business

Document control is centralised with cross functional audits taking care of compliance issues

Corsair Management Services assists organisations to develop, implement, maintain and improve integrated management systems that are:

  • Relevant to the organisation.
  • Easy to understand and comply with.
  • Suitable to be used as a basis for training new staff.
  • Value adding
  • One system for three key disciplines
  • Streamlined document control
  • Reduction in area specialists
  • Third party audits combine all three elements in the one process