ISO 9001

Quality management is focused not only on product/service quality, but also the means to achieve it. Quality management therefore uses quality assurance and control of processes as well as products to achieve more consistent quality.

Corsair Management Services assists organisations to develop, implement, maintain and improve quality systems that are:

  • Relevant to the organisation.
  • Easy to understand and comply with.
  • Suitable to be used as a basis for training new staff.
  • Value adding

The Benefits

  • Greater focus on your business objectives and your customers’ expectations.

  • Improvement of performance, coordination and productivity.

  • Achievement and maintenance of the quality of your product and/or service to meet the customer’s stated and implied needs.

  • Focuses your Company on continuous improvement.

  • Achievement of customer satisfaction.

  • Management confidence that the intended quality is being achieved and maintained.

  • Evidence to customers and potential customers of your organization’s capabilities.

  • Increased profitability.